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expanding the consciousness of medicine: a call for a revolution

Before you dive into this article, I invite you to read it with an open mind and remember that galileo was put in prison for his discovery that the world was not flat, that Jesse Roth couldn't get his revolutionary research on insulin published for years, that the first clinically useful AIDS drug had its funding pulled and was made illegal because it went against the mainstream understanding of the disease-  and that these are but a few of thousands of examples where science couldn’t accept an expansion on the knowledge that was mainsteam.

I invite you to remember that at one point doctors recommended smoking and performed lobotomies and that one of the most prominent psychiatric agencies published a textbook which talked about the benefits of incest, that was used in all the ivy league schools.  

The concepts discussed might strike some cords, and I hope they do. My intention is to spark curiosity, to question why our medical system operates the way it does.

Globally, the medical system needs a revamp- a revolution, in the most basic terms medicine is overdue for a make-over. It’s 2020, and an entire planet is in chaos due to a virus that has no characteristics detrimental to a healthy body. 

There’s mandatory mask mandates, and talk of a compulsory vaccine, yet no mention of our immune system. No one is talking about the  fact that 88% of the population is metabolically unhealthy and therefore immunocompromised. It’s not mainstream knowledge that globally we are the most nutrient deficient in the history of humanity in antiviral nutrients such as zinc and selenium. That we have the worst diet of any civilization, one that does not encourage a healthy physiology. 

A critical question that needs to be posed is: how did we get here? How as a planet, are we being this compromised by a literally, insignificant virus given all the money, research and “advancements” in medicine and research? 

Expanding out from covid, in a broader sense- when we look at disease trends, concerning points arise. Common knowledge is that chronic disease is on the rise, so why is no one questioning the disconnect being this fact and the subsequent parallel of advanced medicine? Lifespan is increasing, but quality years are on a steady incline, why is is? Poor medical practices. 

A specific example that I believe to highlight a broken system is that of cancer. Cancers are on the rise, by 2040 it’s estimated that 29.5 million new cases will be diagnosed. Despite well intentioned research and ample funding, survival rates have only increased 2% since the 1960s. Why? Because cancer is a business, disease is a business. If you are on a medication, you are a customer. A customer that fuels the most lucrative industry on this planet. An industry that needs sick people to thrive. 

There is no part of the conventional medical that is a health care system, globally we operate in a disease care system. Diabetes, cancer, autoimmune conditions and hormonal disorders plague a large part of the population. Health promotion initiatives are subpar at best, with most focusing on early screening- not the priming of biological processes. They focus on outter relaiance, rather than shifting the focus to the body’s abilty to thrive under the right conditions. 

We live in a Newtonian world- a world where we have adopted the philosophy of direct cause and effect. But if we dig deeper into the workings of the world, we see that we are living in a quantum model of reality, where the cause and effect expands from a linear sequence to a web, with myriad of factors, actions and consequences/ side effects. 

Modern medicine complies with the narrow focus of a newtonian world. It operates on symptom matching- in essence, matching a medication to a  symptom. A medication that disrupts the homeostatic balance of the body, ultimately promoting more pathological processes. It neglects the quantum reality of life, where a symptom is a messenger, something to be fixed at the root cause not masked with medication. 

Medicine is a contractive system- it disempowers us, teaches us to rely on medication, convinces us that disease is a result of aging, that there is nothing to do but to surrender and be at the mercy of the pharmaceutical industry. It tells us that sometimes there is no reason for a disease that has manifested.. “Idiopathic”, as they say. Bullshit. 

We live in a world when we are told what to think, how to act and ostracized from deviating, for critical thinking. Because of this, even those who are sick with no reprieve from modern medicine are at its mercy. Statistically modern medicine is ineffective, and not conducive to a healthy population...yet we subscribe to it, worship it, see it as the be all end all. 

In order to look at medicine in a new light, we must look first at the concept of health. As a whole, the conventional medical sector is not health care. What happens when the symptom/medication model fails? The individual gets shuffled from specialist to specialist, given a more elaborate cocktail of medication, that at best might provide some relief. Maybe they get an unnecessary surgery, but most likely these individuals live dependent on medication, in pain and suffering. I’ve seen this in my practice more times than I can count. 

This is not acceptable. In no way does modern medicine on a large scale, represent the hippocratic oath that is taken by all doctors. Medicine needs to be held accountable and that starts with us, the people on the other end demanding better answers and integrative approaches. How disease is treated is not good enough. It’s that simple. 

I’ve seen first hand cancer remissions, MS reversals, autoimmune conditions managed, lab work normalize in the chronically ill. I have seen chrones and colitis symptoms dissipate. Without the use of pharmaceuticals, without conventional intervention. 

Why isn't this mainstream? 

  1. Faulty, funded research

  2. Patented seeds

  3. Profits over people. 

  4. Lost wisdom of nature and the land. Racism that has oppressed the ones who hold this knowledge in their lineages and minds

  5.  Doctors discounting patients life experiences

  6. A  society afraid to question things- because those who do are ostracised- “hippie, weird, uneducated, conspiracy theorists” 

  7. Fear instilled by conventional doctors because something is out of their realm of knowledge 

Like the feminists of the 60’s and the racial equality activists,  medicine needs revolutionary minds to intersect the common narrative- and to put it bluntly, to call the bullshit. 

We need people to shake things up. We need to understand that while individual doctors have intentions to help, the agenda of medicine in the most macro expression is influenced by economics and profits. 

I want to make clear, this is not a call to eradicate medicine as we know it. It’s an invitation to expand it for the benefit of the people and the planet. 

How Medicine Needs to Shift

It needs to be looked at in the context of other systems. Back to the quantum reality we live in, the onset of disease needs to be looked at from a broader lens in regards to the food system, politics and capitalistic agendas.  

Where’s the mandate to hold companies accountable for making and distributing products with rancid oils that damage the cell membranes? Where’s the accountability to the goverments for making unhealthy food more affordable  than nutritious food?  Where are the mandates on sugar consumption? 

 Why is no one talking about our stressful lives-  how we’re on the hamster wheel working 40 hours a week, to buy stuff  that fills a void in our lives. Where’s the discussion on how societally we are disconnected from our family, friends and nature? How most people don’t live lives that feel good, and instead live “socially acceptable” lives that weaken their soul. All of these factors play into disease, and it’s about time this is normalized and talked about in medicine. 

We can see health is far more than a medication. We can see that disease is caused through many avenues. Perhaps, the pendulum has been swung too far. The advent of medicine, as is most accepted, has its advantages. Absolutely. But just as we can’t rely solely on the folk medicines of ancient times, we can't rely on modern medicine. Perhaps there is a middle point from which we can develop a comprehensive medical system that pulls from each school of thought. 

There are some questions, to think about in regard to modern medicine… 

Does modern medicine abide by the Hippocratic oath that is meant to serve and govern this system upon the principle “ thou shalt do no harm”?  Is it not harmful for a patient to suffer? To be in pain? To undergo unnecessary surgery? To live a life on medications? Is it not direct harm, if by the marrying of complementary medicine most of this can be alleviated? Is it not harmful, and therefore against the oath taken to withhold the full spectrum of options to a patient because it doesn’t fall into your belief system? Or because it reduces profits from pharmaceuticals?

Natural medicine, contrary to the narrative contrived by the conventional realm is not based in folklore. It is rooted in ancient wisdom of cultures far wiser than us and in nature. It’s therapies and modalities are being validated by modern science. While natural medicine includes herbs and concepts such as meditation, gratitude and joy it encompasses therapies such as hyperbaric oxygen, photodynamic therapy, sonodynamic therapy, Infrared, detox, high dose nutraceutical, microbiome regulation. These are backed by clinical trials. If natural medicine is pseudoscience, I ask, why statistically the therapies out perform conventional therapies? and why when they do, they become in essence, illegal to practice?

And so, I pose these questions. If conventional medicine is rooted in science and not driven by profits....

Why are all other sectors ostracized when they share the same scientific validation? 

Why is there a resistance by the medical community to therapies with clinical trials behind their names? Yet in the alternative communities we seek to unite with conventional medicine?

Why does conventional medicine plant seeds of fear or inadequacy in relation to alternative care into the minds of the masses, when pharmaceuticals kills 1000s of people a day? and provide horrendous side effects?

How come the goal of conventional medicine is to mask symptoms and keep people reliant on pharmaceuticals?

Why is the notion of a body being able to heal itself and reverse disease deemed laughable and not plausible?

Why is natural medicine not funded by the government, why do people have to pay out of pocket for treatment? 

Why are a lot of the therapies illegal in Canada and the US, that have significant bodies of research behind them? 

The answers to these questions deserve their own essay, but I invite you to think about what it would mean for the world if people were healthy, happy and empowered. If we started questioning what we are spoon fed to believe. What it would mean from an economical standpoint if the population wasn’t reliant on pharmaceuticals, if disease wasn’t looked at as a business. Perhaps, if we thought about this and researched the answers we might start to piece together the reasons our current medical system is the way it is, and perhaps I’ll have a few more people standing with me demanding better resources- if not for yourself, for the people you love. At the end of the day- is the medical system serving you? If not, lets change this. 

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