Please note that all forms must be filled out 24 hours before each appointment, all appointments are done via zoom and payment must be made in full before the first appointment takes place. To book an appointment, you can purchase a package through this page, and within 24 hours you will receive intake forms, and a prompt to schedule your first appointment. Alternatively, you can email me at  with any questions you have, to book a session or gain clarity as to which package best suits your needs. 

At this point, I do not work with fertility or cancer. However, if you have received a cancer diagnosis, please reach out and I am happy to do a complementary session providing information on integrative therapies, so you have the full spectrum of options to make informed decisions in regard to your cancer care. 

Wellness plan

Investment: 150.00 + GST

The "all in" Plan

Investment: 525.00 + GST

understanding illness

Investment: 100.00 + GST

Question session

1/2 hr 40.00 +GST
1 hr 70.00 + GST

The wellness plan is akin to a yearly physical, in a nutrition sense. Through a detailed in-take and in-depth dietary assessment we take inventory of your health and habits, and we assess what's beneficial and what may be hindering your health and performance in life. This is a single session, 1-1.5 hour appointment, with a detailed protocol that provides specific dietary, supplement, herbal and lifestyle recommendations based on your physiology and goals. This option is ideal for individuals who don't require follow ups. Please note, this is not for individuals with a diagnosis to manage, or serious health conditions. Examples of those who would benefit from the Wellness plan are: Those with family history of disease and want an evaluation of current health and risk factors + a prevention plan, those who get sick often (>2 times/year) and are seeking immune improvement, those who want to to do a detox, and have a program designed specifically based on individual biology, those needing more energy throughout the day, or better sleep and those wanting to establish risk for chronic disease and desire a personalized protocol for living a long, healthy life. 

This package includes 6 one hour sessions that are done over the course of 12 weeks. It is designed for those who need assistance managing a diagnosis, or have multiple symptoms they would like to work through. The goal of these sessions are to provide education on your diagnosis, symptoms and build a protocol that begins to address the root cause. We work together, and with any other health practitioners you may be working with to facilitate your journey back to health. It is focused on implementing small changes to reroute your biology, over the long term. Protocols include dietary, lifestyle, herbal and nutraceutical guidance, lab work recommendations and questions to ask your doctor. Those who would benefit most from this plan are those dealing with metabolic disorder, diabetes, fatty liver disease, PCOS, high blood pressure or other cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune conditions, digestive pathologies such as IBS, crohn's, colitis or and skin conditions such as cystic acne, eczema or psorosis and adrenal fatigue. 

NOTE: I only work with individuals who are serious about improving their health. I have limited space for one on ones. If you are interested in working together, please fill out the application so I can assess if we are a good fit. Unsure if 1:1 support is the right fit for you? Send me an email with any questions and we can chat! 

This is for those who are seeking an understanding on a health condition or have a family member/loved one suffering from a health condition. This package includes a virtual one hour appointment that involves education about the pathology along with a question and answer component. In addition to the appointment, you will be provided with a detailed PDF explaining the condition and general recommendations from an alternative/functional medicine lens. 

Do you have questions about: Nutrition, lab work, anything health related, supplementation/herbal medicine? These sessions are for you to get clear, specific answers about your health and wellness concerns and are 100% personalized. Ahead of time, you send me a list of questions/topics you would like to discuss and we spend an hour via zoom to answer your questions! If you wish to book in, please email me your questions and I will be in touch within 24 hours to book your appointment 

If you have been out of work or financially burdened due to a medical a condition, and are interested in any of the above services please email here, and tell me a little bit your story. I have space for donation based or "pay it forward" consultations in these circumstances. 

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