If your finances have or will be affected by your health condition, I will wave my integrative consultation fee. Alternatively, if you are struggling financially and are committed to your health and getting better, please email me. Payment plans/donation based/pay what you can consultations are available

1:1 Integrative

Investment: $600.00 -800.00 + GST (sliding scale)

Who: Those healing from an illness, those with a new diagnosis, those with symptoms and no diagnosis,  individuals who want more energy and those who want a structured plan to bring them to optimal health, energy and vitality. 

This is a container that typically lasts 3 months. It includes the initial consultation, health plan + revisions and support. Together we figure out what structure works best for you, do you need weekly accountability appointments, or bi-weekly adjustments? Between 3-6 appointments with ongoing support 

Health Plan: Nutrition recommendations, integration of targeted supplements and herbal medicine, lifestyle medicine and other alternative modules to collapse the timeline on your healing- specific to you. 

NOTE: I only work with individuals who are serious about improving their health. I have limited space for one on ones, if you are interested in working together, please fill out the application so I can assess if we are a good fit. Unsure if 1:1 support is the right fit for you? Send me an email with any questions and we can chat! 

Information Session 

Investment: FREE/Donation 

I believe that every person has the right to know their full spectrum of options before deciding on a treatment plan/going on medication. If you have a new diagnosis and are feeling overwhelmed, wanting an alternative opinion- or if you have been living with an illness and would like to understand it better please email me. This session is an hour long, and in it, I explain your diagnosis and dive into all possible therapies + provide resources. Please note, this is not a sales call/ you will not recieve a health plan. The purpose is to empower and inform you beyond the scope of conventional medicine.Topic can include but are limited to: Diabetes, dementia/cognitive decline, arthritis, cancer, autoimmune conditions, MS, crohn's/colitis, heart disease. fatty liver disease. If you are interested, send me an email with your diagnosis, and when you would be interested in having a session. Family, caregivers, partners, anyone important to you is welcome to attend 

Question Session

Investment: $40.00 1/2 hr, $70.00 1 hr + GST 

Do you have questions about:

-  Nutrition

- Your lab work 

 - Anything health related 

- Supplementation/herbal medicine 

This session is for you. Ahead of time, you send me a list of questions/topics you would like to discuss and we spend an hour via zoom to answer your questions! 

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